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Welcome to Citi-Tech

We're the Northern Cape's leader in Connectivity, Computer Support, Cloud & Hosting Services, Electronic Security Solutions and Home Automation

Fibre Internet

Don't suffer the buffer! Sign up with one of our Fibre Internet plans and enjoy blazing fast uncapped, unshaped, and unthrottled connectivity. 

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Wireless Internet


Always Improving

We strive to offer the best uncapped Wireless Internet in the region and have a "try before you buy" policy for piece of mind. Give us a shot you won't be disappointed


Scalable and Modular

Whether you start small or are already relying on the Internet for absolutely everything, our plans will have you online and connected in no time



Phone lines are for birds to sit on! VoIP is the future right? Our cloud based VoIP systems will bring your communications into the 21st century

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Cloud Hosting Services


With rock solid servers located right here in South Africa's leading state-of-the-art data centers, our cloud and hosting services are second to none in terms of speed and reliability - and with a friendly staff member at your every beck and call you won't have anything to worry about



Computer Repairs

Each of our staff members have an outstanding in-depth knowledge and passion of today's technology allowing us to offer great services and great prices with even better support

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Home Automation


Smart Home, Smarter Living

We offer a wide range of home automation products and solutions. Upgrade your living circumstances and enjoy the art of smart living.


Link Up To All Smart Assistants

Ask Google Assistant to open your gate for you, tell it that "it's braai time" and have it turn on your lights, set the mood, play your favorite party playlist on YouTube and make sure the sprinklers don't come on. 

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CCTV & Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on the people you love as well as the property you worked so hard to earn from the convenience of your phone. We use the latest and greatest CCTV and Remote Monitoring solutions to provide you a cutting edge over perpetrators and wrongdoers trying to diminish your value.

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Smart Security Alarms


Paramount Protection

We don't just use any old equipment, we use Paradox alarm systems - the world leaders in security alarm systems. Any solution, any requirement, any circumstance we'll ensure you will have the best cover for the things that are most important to you in the best possible way.


Observe The Smart Way

We supply Olarm communication devices with each installation. Olarm empowers you to see what is going on as it happens. Receive alarms, arm/disarm notifications, failure notifications as and when they happen.

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Managed Services

Our Managed Services enable us to keep an eye out for problems with your machines and proactively fix them before things get too nasty. Monitoring, OS patch management, application patch management, as well as managed anti-virus allows us to keep your machines as well as operating systems up to date and healthy.

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500+ individuals and companies trust Citi-Tech with their connectivity, computer, and technology needs.

Join us and make your technological experience a breeze