Our Budget Plans...

Our Budget Plans have been specifically designed to get you online as cost-effectively as possible. With great value Fair Usage Limits per plan you can rest assured you will get the best bang for your buck!



1 Mbps

R 89

per month
  • up to 1 Mbps Download
  • up to 512 Kbps Upload
  • 20 GB Fair Usage
  • Low Network Priority

2 Mbps

R 159 

per month
  • up to 2 Mbps Download
  • up to 512 Kbps Upload
  • 40 GB Fair Usage
  • Low Network Priority

4 Mbps

R 279 

per month
  • up to 4 Mbps Download
  • up to 1 Mbps Upload
  • 60 GB Fair Usage
  • Low Network Priority
Installation Costs
You can get installed using one of the following methods
Once off Installation
Monthly Hardware Payment Plan
The Standard Installation Includes...
1 x Outdoor Dish, 1 x Wireless Access Point, 15 meters of CAT5 Cable, 1 x Wall Mount Bracket/Mast (if necessary). Equipment needs may vary depending on premises layout. If you need additional equipment it will be brought to your attention during the site survey and you will be quoted prior to installation

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Our Budget Plans have been designed to provide you with a connection to the Internet at the most affordable price possible. They will be a good fit for you if you know you only need a certain amount of data in a given month and will maintain your usage to stay within the parameters of the plan.

As long as you select a plan that is sufficient for the requirements of the streaming platform you wish to use and stay within the parameters of the plan and don’t exceed the Fair Usage Limit of that plan, you should be able to stream just fine.

A Fair Usage Limit limits the usage of one plan over another so that the performance is not affected for the rest of the users in that group.

If there was no Fair Usage Limit on our Budget Plans the majority of the users on these plans could potentially receive a degraded service as a result of a handful of users who would use a far greater amount of the available network resources then the majority. This would not be fair to the users who pay the same amount but do not (or cannot) use the network resources available.

What happens if I exceed the Fair Usage Limit?

Once your limit has been reached you will be reduced to 0.5 megabits per second for the remainder of the billing period (typically the rest of the current month). It is therefore important to choose a plan that fulfills your requirements. The two most effective ways of making sure you don’t hit the Fair Usage Limit is by first selecting a plan that has a limit that you are certain you won’t exceed, and secondly to take steps to ensure you do not consume more than the limit allows. One way of achieving this for example would be to schedule any big downloads to take place between 12am and 5am when the traffic you generate is not accounted toward your Fair Usage Limit.

Capped plans suspend your Internet connection the moment you have used a predetermined amount of data. In order for you to be able to continue using your Internet connection you then have to purchase more data where upon your services to resume. This is fundamentally how most mobile data plans work.

Though your speed may be affected depending on your usage, uncapped Internet that have Fair Usage Limits will not disconnect your Internet connection regardless of how much data you have consumed. How well the connection will perform will depend on how well you maintain your usage and more importantly which plan you pick.

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