Our Security Solutions

These are a few of the many surveillance products and solutions we offer our clients. Our leading solutions based on market related prices offer our client base the best technology available, at great value for money

CCTV Solutions

HIkVision Analog & IP Camera Systems

We are proud to offer the full range of HikVision Analog & IP camera solutions. HikVision have become a powerhouse in terms of both straightforward and high intensity Electronic Surveillance Solutions.

Axis Network Cameras

Axis are leaders in network cameras, and are aimed at the high-end security environment.

Video Analytics

Security Solutions

Paradox Residential & Business Security Alarms

Known for being an innovative research and development company, Paradox is a recognized worldwide force in the security industry.


Olarm easily attaches to your Paradox alarm panel and brings it online. Olarm uses a cellular connection independent to your internet connection. The Olarm App connects you straight to your alarm panel allowing you to take FULL control of your alarm.

Access Control

Access Control

From standard automatic sliding gates, to vehicle barriers, and even spike barriers for the most high security situations, we’ve got you covered

Biometric & Proximity Access Control

We also specialize in both biometric & proximity access control. Open your gate using your numberplate, unlock your business entrance using your thumbprint. We are really passionate about our Access Control soluitons

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