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Make Affordable Calls

Use your existing Internet connection to make affordable voice calls to any telephone number in the world. Plus, all calls to other VoIP numbers are absolutely FREE!

Pure per second billing

No hidden costs. No contracts. Stay in control and top up online when needed

Free Calls To Other VoIP

You can make FREE calls to any other VoIP number, on our network

Call Via The Internet

No need to use conventional phone lines. Our VoIP services are hosted on the cloud

Our VoIP Packages

Single Line



29 cents per minute to Telkom

49 cents per minute to Mobile

Free VoIP to VoIP calls

Includes 1 DID per month

Get Started

Business Cloud PBX


R1 500 pm

R6 500 Annual License Fee

R1 500 Once Off PBX Setup Fee

R59 per DID per month

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Get Started

Getting Connected

Sign up for one of our VoIP packages and we'll assign you your own unique VoIP number.
It works like a regular phone number - the only difference is you make receive calls over the internet

I need a new number

I want to use my existing landline number

Get a new VoIP number

The quickest and easiest way to get connected, is to simply sign up for a new VoIP number.

  1. Sign up with us
    Select an option that best suites your needs above and complete the application process.

  2. Get a new VoIP number
    During the signup process we’ll assign a new 087 VoIP number to you.

  3. Connect to VoIP
    If you do not already have a VoIP phone, let us know and we'll provide you with options that would best suite your needs and budget. We’ll pre-configure your VoIP phone so that you can simply plug it in and start calling.

    If you have your own VoIP phone, enter your VoIP details into your handset and you’re ready to go. You can also make VoIP calls using a compatible web or app interface.

  4. Start Using Your VoIP!
    Once you’re all set up, just sit back and enjoy affordable calls to anywhere in the world. And best of all, calls to any other VoIP number on our network is FREE!

VoIP technology uses the Internet to make phone calls.
You need an existing internet connection, such as Fibre or Wireless to make VoIP calls.

Don't have an Internet Connection?

Get fast Wi-Fi now! Sign up for one of our Internet services to use with your VoIP service.

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