Get The Internet



Internet For You...

We provide three different types of Internet connectivity for you, they are our Budget, Family, and Premium Plans. All our plans are uncapped, so you'll never be disconnected from the Internet. Enjoy piece of mind knowing you don't have to pay multiple times throughout the month to stay connected to the Internet. Select the plan that best suites your needs as well as your pocket and get going!

Budget Plans

From R 89 

per month
  • Our Budget Plans have been specifically designed to get you online as cost-effectively as possible. With great value Fair Usage Limits you'll get great bang for your buck on a Budget Plan!

Family Plans

From R 399 

per month
  •  Our Family Plans are a great option for every day, run-of-the-mill household consumption. Ideal for the day-to-day running of your home, don't suffer the buffer, stream effortlessly, and to your heart's content with a Family Plan

Premium Plans

From R 397 

per month
  • Our Premium Plans are built for the bandwidth boss! Those who want to hit the Internet with a big stick! Whether you are an avid gamer or prefer downloading to your hearts' content, these are the plans for you!

Internet For Your Business...


Always On Top Of Our Game

We understand the need of connectivity in the work place, our business plans have been meticulously planned and designed to bring you the best quality connection for your business!


Scalable and Modular

We get that business requirements are as unique as the people who run them so our solutions are formed in such a way that empowers us to provide you with the solution you need rather than a compromise that might work for you...

Business Basic

From R 999 

per month
  • Our Business Basic plans are for the tech savvy businesses that need great quality Internet connectivity to run effortlessly and seamlessly. The successful operation of latency sensitive operations such as VoIP can either make or break your business. We get that! 

Business Premium

From R 1,527  

per month
  • We understand business! We understand your need to be online constantly and consistently! Our Business Premium Plans will provide you with the high quality connectivity you need to efficiently and effectively run your business properly!